It’s a Boy!

A reason to get the arts and crafts going again arrived – mainly because one of my best friends reminded me that I could just make a card instead of buying one (!).  Congrats to a lovely lady on the birth of her beautiful baby boy… What you’ll need: Plain square white card Blue polka […]

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Rangoli 2016

Happy Dhanteras and Happy Diwali! It’s that time of year again! This year, I tried my rather unpractised hand at a little Ganesh rangoli. I was contemplating switching to slate and chalk to make life somewhat easier, but why give in to a bit of imperfectly placed coloured sand? I’m glad I stuck with it […]

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The MehndiĀ 

When I was much younger (think less than 10 years old), I made it a personal ambition to be able to apply mehndi or henna. I took a few lessons whilst on holiday in India. It meant making my own mehndi, to the cones, and then finally learning how to control the mehndi and simple […]

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Banana Bread

I’m not a fan of ripe bananas, so when I saw a couple beginning to blacken in the fruit bowl, I decided to try something new! I decided to make banana bread with a bit of a twist – chocolate chips and walnuts for crunch. I took one to work and it was gone within […]

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