Rome, Italy – Art and Ruins

This was a special trip – the first of 2018! For once, I did not really spend much time planning this at all since it was all organised by another seasoned solo traveller. It starts with a car journey to the airport in a questionnable vehicle but I made it one piece to the airport […]

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Veganuary Brownies

I’ve learned a lot about veganism over the past few months – it would be a lie to say I am a vegan but I’ve become more aware about the things I eat and use. I would say, in some ways,  I have become more ethical but I won’t pretend and say I’m perfect. I […]

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Diwali On Call

Just like that, another year has flown by…can you believe Christmas is nearly here? Of course, there is Diwali to celebrate first! I celebrated it by spending my time walking up and down the hospital or tending to people in the Emergency Department. Since I knew I would be away from home this year, I […]

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