It’s a Boy!

A reason to get the arts and crafts going again arrived – mainly because one of my best friends reminded me that I could just make a card instead of buying one (!). 
Congrats to a lovely lady on the birth of her beautiful baby boy…

What you’ll need:

  • Plain square white card
  • Blue polka dot square paper, the same size as the card
  • Blue baby embellishments
  • Purple ribbon cut to the length of the card
  • Congratulations embellishments 
  • Blue and purple gem stickers
  • Scissors and glue

What you need to do:

  1. Stick the polka dot sheet to the front of the card and the ribbon through the middle
  2. Stick on all the embellishments!

That was a zero fuss card since it was mostly reliant on embellishments – they were premade but you could easily make your own with a bit of time! I was also pretty lucky with the coordination of all the bits and bobs I had.

Mix it up:

You could use this idea if you have the embellishments for any type of event! 

To see more, please visit Greetings Cards 🙂


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