Los Angeles, USA – Part 1: Magic and Stars

LA. We have made it to the third major part of our trip – the reason why we even planned this holiday to begin with. A few years ago, Izzy had mentioned doing a trip to the West Coast, but did we really pay much attention? No. The minute we heard HP World opened up in Universal Studios Hollywood, however, was the minute we said yes to the trip and began our preparations. #wewenttoHogwarts #sorryyoudidntgettheletter

On the way to LA, we had bought a few snacks along the highway at a gas station – oh, by the way, the colours for gas are all mixed up. Green is diesel and black is petrol in the USA. You also have to pay for the gas before you fill up your car. All very confusing but as the guy at the gas station said with a bit of laughter, “We clearly have trust issues.”

The night we arrived, we bought provisions for the AirBnB too, to ensure we had some form of dinner from the nearby Whole Foods. The place we were staying in was amazing – we had parking for up to 2 vehicles in the underground car park, 2 floors so we could chill wherever we wanted, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms! For a group of 4 girls though, we actually did very well with bathroom situations and always managed to get out on time without any major drama but having 2 bathrooms during LA definitely helped. There were a lot of early starts as you will come to realise!

Day 5

I can honestly tell you we were shattered from the get go but I think we were starting to crash a little on this day. We had planned so much into this trip, it’s unbelievable now that I look back at it. Persevere we did, however!

First stop was The Grove and the Farmer’s Market. We went for breakfast and I actually ended up having a small Pinkberry since I’d already had a small breaky at the AirBnB (I can’t leave without some form of food in my belly – it takes very little time for me to go from happy to hangry in the morning – I ate to save everyone). #whyshesoquiet #ohshehungry #feedherstat

We had already spotted another Cheesecake Factory and since we hadn’t actually had cheesecake from there, we decided on having lunch at the same venue as in SF. Before that, we decided to do a spot of shopping. This can be translated to spending over an hour in Sephora.

This was actually the start of a new lip trend for me – I started buying some fabulous bright lip colours, from Smashbox and Sephora. The number of Modern Renaissance palattes between the four of us, though…that’s another mystery that will forever remain unsolved. #shouldigetthatMKbag #nowaituntilvegas

I finally got my chicken and biscuits at The Cheesecake Factory! New flash – biscuits are basically savoury scones. Again, I had half the plate but I did then get a red velvet cheescake to go. Izzy went for a salad again that had to be packed to go. #smallorlarge #largeplease #bigmistake

Our next part of the day was to go to Venice Beach and pass by Third St Promenade. We didn’t really have much of a real need to shop at that moment in time (blame the fatigue) so we were happy in just passing by.

Obviously I ate cake by the ocean. It was so good, but the oreo cheesecake Zozo had chosen was 100x better.

We spent some time soaking in the rays and having our last play with the Pacific Ocean. We wouldn’t be coming back to the beach again with what we had planned over the next few days.

So what was next in store for us?

LA Dodgers vs Arizona Diamondbacks.

We had bought tickets this morning and the clock struck 5pm, we knew we needed to dash to see the game. When we got there, we bought our food – I got garlic fries. Massive mistake – it was like eating raw garlic. Gross! Zozo and Pie were truly getting into it whilst Izzy and I spent most of the time Googling what on earth was going on. In my head, it was like rounders but I just did not understand how you could leave a base before the ball had been hit. #isntthatcheating #itisinrounders

It was a great game though, but the fatigue had finally caught up with us and since Izzy was driving back, we left around the 8th inning and knocked out for the night after a dinner from In-N-Out. #animalstyleeverything The LA Dodgers won though! #SoIsayDIsayD-O-D-O-D-D-O-D-G-D-O-D-G-E-R-S

Day 6

So Zoe said we needed to be up at out the house by 7am. Why, you ask? Because we were going to Disney, of course. See why we were always exhausted? #laughingemoji #cryingemoji

Once we’d plugged in our Disney playlist, we were driving to Anaheim. We decided on spending 2 days in Disney and one in Universal since Disney has 2 theme parks.

As Pie said, “Let’s just go for the hype straight away,” and we went straight to Disneyland first.

I won’t go into too much detail about Disney – you can experience the magic yourself. But suffice to say, I was slightly disappointed with the size of the castle. I feel like the one in Florida is way bigger. Or did I just grow taller? Also, we were jinxed. Almost every ride or show we were involved with shut down or had a fault at some stage. Really guys?! Despite all those hiccups, we still had a blast.

It was the time we managed to get Pie on a highspeed rollercoaster – the start of her transition into an adrenaline junkie. It was the time I got to walk through Princess Aurora’s castle and story – anybody who knows me, knows I’m a Sleeping Beauty kinda girl. It was the time Zoe got the cutest pair of Mickey ears. It was the time Izzy got to feed her penny press obsession. Big things, my readers, big things. Dreams do come true!

I would definitely suggest going early – you don’t see many queues at that time of the day. We finished the park in record timing, around 4pm and then leisurely went through the rest of the park. We decided not to do the fireworks that night #toourdownfall and after buying some souvenirs, walked back to the parking lot for our trip back.

Day 7




Disney Take 2! This time we decided to go at a leisurely pace. We started our day at iHop! Finallyyyy – I had been waiting for this day since the beginning of time. I was not disappointed. Best breakfast ever so far!



Around 11am, we drove to Disney and went towards California Adventure. This was probably my favourite park of the two – it had some great rides and almost everything worked! #piewentonaloopdiloop #wemetMinnie

We aimed to do the parade at 7.30pm and the fireworks at 9.30pm. We got the best spots along the road up to the castle and I got dinner to go for the crew. #properroastdinner

The night parade was quite sweet but I was waiting for the fireworks. When I went to Florida, I remember Tinkerbell flying down to tap the castle before the fireworks started and I wanted to see that again so badly. Again, we managed to find ourselves a good view point right in front. That’s when it began #weatheralerts #highwinds #butthepalmtreeswerestill #whatwind and the fireworks show was cancelled. #fivecryingemojis #shouldadoneityesterday



To fill our hearts with joy, we bought cupcakes from Sprinkles. Cake fixes everything. Yes, that is a vegan red velvet cupcake.

Right, I think that’s enough. There is still a lot more from LA to come – I better make this a five part series rather than a four part, so stay tuned! To see more, please visit Travel 🙂



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