Los Angeles, USA – Part 2: More Magic and More Stars

Welcome back to the next part of this epic West Coast Roadtrip – it’s LA Part 2. After having completed our Disney dreams (somewhat) it was time for the big one. The reason we even chose to do this trip in the first place. I have to say, I tend to have a hard time keeping spoilers – but I kept absolutely tight lipped about Harry Potter World having lived my dream in Orlando a few years earlier. I am so glad I did…

Day 8

We woke up that morning, knowing that we could relax a little as Universal Studios Hollywood was quite nearby – relax, you say? Relax? No, you cannot relax because your car GPS is going to take you down the longest road ever. I swear it took less time to get to Anaheim. Themed playlist alert! We filled the car with HP tunes at least, whilst we struggled through the morning traffic.

As soon as we FINALLY parked up, my excitement could no longer be contained. I was practically jittering in my seat. Once we were on the City Walk, you can be sure as anything that a video was captured of Pie and I skipping and running along to the main entrance to the park. #children #allthosesnapchatmoments

You know we went for the hype again. We paused for nothing. Children were forced out of the way. People were screaming. Okay, I kid but you can just imagine as tearing through the crowd right? Like I said before, I am so glad I kept my mouth shut because the look on the girls’ faces when we stood at the entrance of Hogsmeade was priceless. #jawdrop #silence #thensquee

I don’t want to ruin it for you either but a word of advice, if you have a choice, please go to Orlando – it’s a bigger experience and by far the best I’ve ever seen as far as HP World reconstructions go. I hear the Dragon Challenge ride will shut September 4th so hurry up! Go! That is such an epic ride! The thing about Universal and HP World is that in the larger rides, the queue is not a boring process either. #nospoilers #keepthesecret

We did the Universal Studios Tour after that – this is definitely another good one to do. They have something very similar but smaller in Orlando if I remember correctly – the Hollywood Tour is a good couple of hours with a lot of cool experiences and explanations of how scenes are shot. Did you know that Murder She Wrote has been filmed where Jaws was made? #yesthesharkjumpedatus

Also, Bates Motel is a creepy stop, guys. I suggest you do not sit on the side of the vehicle if you do not want to suffer from extreme palpitations. #yeshemadetostabus

Additionally, I completely understand why it’s always New York that gets blasted, visited by aliens/superheros, has everything happen to it- because there is a permanent set there.

20170418_130136 Obviously, we went back to HP World afterwards for lunch. #comeonnow

The Three Broomsticks had a very British Pub affair menu – with the extra magical flourish. I did have butterbeer based dessert but since I’d had butterbeer before, I went for a pumpkin juice drink. Guys and gals, I’ve had pumpkin juice before and if you do not like cinnamon, I do not suggest you get it. The roast chicken though was absolutely divine. The sweetcorn had a butterbeer-ish taste to it as well which was interesting.

Universal Studios Hollywood is pretty small, and we covered Springfield and The Minions quickly before making our way towards the next show of the day.

20170418_143914Waterworld is a highly recommended stunt show – lots of opportunity to get splashed too! We decided not to sit in the splash zone. We also somehow made it to and from our seats without getting soaked too, so that’s a win by our standards.

Following on, I was forced to experience a horrific Walking Dead walk-through #zoewasmyshield #pielaughedbehindme #izzydidntevencomein and after a Shrek ride, we went to the lower section of the park. Now, I can’t help comparing but it has to be done – the Jurassic Park ride in Orlando is way more mental. Why is the drop even covered in Hollywood? Nevermind. The Mummy ride and Transformers ride completed our trip – wait. Completed?

We went back to HP World. This time we decided to get a drink at The Hog’s Head. #thosewarningsthough The drinks menu sounds so weird – but they are all normal drinks (sadly). We got one of everything #andIdidnotfinishanyofthem #wasnotafan It was a really nice end to our trip and we got to have a listen to the Hogwarts School Choir singing and see the Triwizard Tournament Show briefly too! In Orlando, if you go to the London side of HP World, there is a whole lot more to see and experience – please, please go!

It was really hard to leave – but we did once we had complete it all #zoegotstopped #hadtodownherbeer #wegotoutwithouralchy

The day did not end here – La La Land had to be experienced after all!

The car park isn’t too bad at The Observatory but you need a credit card people. Entrance is otherwise free to see from the top. If you want to look around properly, you have to pay. Even getting a look through the telescope is free though. The views were stunning, but due to the cloud cover, we couldn’t see anything through the telescope. #whatwind #ohthatstormthatscoming #ohthatwind


Dinner meant Sushi Fish – look at how cute the packaging is! This tasted amazing and I really like how you get to put together some of the dishes yourself with the instructions and ingredients they provide. Highly recommended!

This does not conclude LA. We have an extra half day to go before we end up in Las Vegas.

Day 9.5

Hollywood proper was the last thing left on the list but we were restricted by our flight time. We drove to the mall and saw the putting together of the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Premiere, Walk of Fame, Chinese Theatre, all the celebrity concrete slabs and finally, the Hollywood Sign. This was as close as we could get. #canyouseeit #closeenough The views were stunning from the viewpoint though and with that, our bags all packed for a flight to the fourth part of our trip, we gave our trusty rental car back at LAX and boarded our flight to Las Vegas!

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